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CenturyLink Internet: Get caught with your lag down

Let’s turn up the heat and turn down the lag with CenturyLink high-speed internet that gives you the power to game, stream, and connect online.

While we’re at it, get in-home Wi-Fi that’ll keep the kids happy, access to 27/7 tech support, and affordable plans that won’t interfere with your trendy lifestyle. Check your zip code to find out what plans are available near you now.

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CenturyLink Internet Service: Find your online momentum

Would you settle for a burger without the fries? How about a TV with no remote? No, because no civilized person would. Your internet should come with the same type of perks. Don’t settle for anything less than when it comes to your online connection. With CenturyLink, you get the hookups no matter which plan you choose.

No annual contract

Yep, that’s right. You don’t need to agree to an annual contract when you shop for a CenturyLink Internet plan.

24/7 tech support

We get it. Not everyone is a DIY kind of person. Help from our agents is available anytime you need it.

Unlimited data

Don’t drop your heated online argument on our account. Unlimited data is available to keep you online when it matters most.

In-Home Wi-Fi

We agree sharing is caring, which is why Centurylink equips your home with a way to connect all devices for your household seamlessly.

Looking for even more services with CenturyLink? We gotchu

An online service means more than just internet nowadays. It fuels your entertainment, gaming system, education, and even your connection to the outside world. CenturyLink keeps up in more ways than one. CenturyLink offers home phone services that can be bundled for a better rate and add a TV solution of your choice from three different providers.

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